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Perth Entrepreneurs PEP Talk

Dec 28, 2020

This is a special one as it is big number 50!! On this milestone episode, I am joined by Andrew Hagen from Cycliq. We learn all about his very interesting journey to entrepreneurial success, from his failures to his successes.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been listening and following my podcast over the last...

Dec 21, 2020

Today I chat to Bill Withers.

Bill Withers has a passion for organisational resilience. In 2013 he founded ADAPT by Design to address the many challenges business owners face, specifically in the SME sector. Over 22 years, Bill built a software company called acQuire, servicing the global mining industry. Because of...

Dec 14, 2020

Today I chat to Tom Young, founder and CEO of uDrew. uDrew is  the world's first building technology platform that makes designing, planning and building your own projects faster and more affordable!

Tom and I talk about how his company came to be, as well as all the obstacles along the way. If you're looking to build...

Dec 7, 2020

In today's episode, I sit down and have a chat with Mark Stothard from Echo Yachts and Echo Marine Group. From super yachts to catamarans, we chat all things luxury and business. 

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Nov 30, 2020

On today's episode, I have a chat to Ceri Cummings from Bolt Fitness and Skill Athletic. We chat all about how he came to run several successful businesses, including gyms, a palates studio and a coffee shop.

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