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Perth Entrepreneurs PEP Talk

Mar 29, 2021

Today I had a chat with Ronnie Elhaj from Niche Living.

We chat all about his life and how he started from scratch to becoming managing director and co-founder of Niche Living - the biggest medium-density property developer in WA.

Mar 15, 2021

Today's episode was recorded on International Women's Day, so in the spirit, I interviewed Taryn Watson from FitRigh Physio.

Taryn is a pelvic health physio, and we delve into a world I personally knew next to nothing about until this day!

Mar 10, 2021

Today I have a chat with Jarrod Harman from Business Warriors. 

Business Warriors specialise in helping impact-driven coaches, consultants and finance professionals generate more leads for their business and more importantly, how to turn those leads into sales. 

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Mar 1, 2021

Today I chat to Craig Gemmill, founder of Gemmill Homes for my first episode of PEP Talk for 2021.

Craig chats about his business endeavours, from establishing a very well known Australian building company, to deciding to move on to the next chapter back in 2019.

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